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Proven Solar Marketing Strategies To Get Ahead Of The Competition

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
July 9, 2022
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There’s a good outlook for solar power these days: Pew Research Center found that 92% of Americans agree with solar panel farm expansion compared to 8% who oppose it. To take advantage of this positive sentiment, though, you’ll need to invest in a good solar marketing strategy.

A good marketing plan for a solar energy company should focus on the motivations driving people⁠—individuals and enterprises⁠—to make the switch. Digital marketing for solar companies should answer questions about how solar energy is better than standard electricity sources and where to buy solar panels nearby.  As more people become interested in buying solar energy setups, these blogs provide welcome answers and website links to solar energy providers near customers’ locations.

4 Solar Marketing Strategies To Employ

Here are some solar marketing ideas that you can use as references for your own:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing blogs or landing pages, their descriptions, tags, and links so each page can easily show up in search engines. This can be a good foundation for solar panel marketing. By using target keywords like “solar panel” or “solar panels for sale” in your blog content, you can ensure that you’re using words or phrases that thousands of people are searching for. You can use the same terms for solar ads, too.

SEO copy targeting keywords like “commercial solar battery” or “best solar battery” can take time to produce results. However, if you do SEO properly and consistently, along with content marketing, your website will rank higher as you establish your authority in your niche. Ranking in the top three in search engines brings you in front of prospective customers who are searching for this product.

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People running searches for terms like “commercial solar providers in my area”  are often interested to buy. So, ranking high on keywords like “buy solar panels online” or “commercial solar installation” brings you more organic traffic, which can turn into more sales to those who are selling solar to businesses.

Content Marketing

Combining SEO with content marketing is one of the best solar advertising ideas you can use for your business. Content marketing as part of your digital marketing for solar companies involves providing relevant, useful information that attracts people to your website.  

Content marketing typically involves publishing a blog, guides, and infographics that talk about common problems your potential buyers face, and how to solve them⁠—including through your services. Good marketing content gives valuable information about industry trends, answers to questions, solutions to problems, and even new information about your business. 

Ranking high requires consistently publishing content on your website. It should be informative while using unique keywords, which search engines use to crawl and index them. Also, getting external links from authoritative websites lends credibility to your page. Including internal links enables your new blogs to be incorporated into your website by search engines like Google.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM involves promoting your business through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social networks to bring it closer to your solar panel market. Social networks tend to make it easier to reach people with specific interests or traits. Online communities with interests aligned with solar power⁠ are more likely to be receptive to your message. By sharing your solar blogs in groups supporting sustainable or alternative energy,  you can bring many interested parties to your website.

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Capitalize on SMM to be nearer and more approachable to your customers and prospects. With more people learning about solar energy, it can be easier to convince them to buy your product and even the installation and other solar business services that come with it. Also, discover how social media like Twitter and Facebook can serve as good avenues for providing better and faster customer services. 

Social media is also a good way to build rapport with potential buyers. And trust is important since solar panels and solar batteries require proper installation. Being available on your social media accounts whenever they contact you is a good way to start. Answer questions as promptly as possible and give immediate feedback regarding any issues people might encounter while using your products.

Reputation Management

Reputation management aims to influence people’s views of your company. This is especially useful if you’ve had a recent bad press that you want to remove from the top searches. By promoting blogs or information that shows your good image or reputation in search engines, online interactions, and social media posts, the bad press goes down from top searches and becomes less visible to searchers. 

Search saturation is essential to successful reputation management. This requires researching terms that people use to find data about your industry, then creating blogs and infographics on these specific search terms. Lastly, publishing the written blogs and infographics on your website and sharing these posts on various platforms such as social media networks and press release sites.

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It’s important to show your good side on the web to convince searchers that you’re knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and reliable. This solar marketing strategy is especially effective if your company has gotten bad press or reviews. Successful reputation management can push the negative news out of the top pages of SERPs, and lower the chances that searchers will see the link and read them.

You can control your online reputation by targeting keywords like “top solar energy companies in the USA” or “best solar companies” that put you in a good light. Optimizing these keywords can bring these up in search engines so your prospects will see your positive representation instead of a bad one.

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