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5 Remote Work Benefits that Businesses can Take Advantage of

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
July 15, 2022
remote work benefits

Reduced business costs and increased productivity are just a few benefits that business owners can get when they transition to remote or hybrid work. On top of these remote work benefits, they can have more diverse workers and a healthier workforce. Plus, they can enjoy better retention of their workers. 

A Microsoft research study found that 52% of remote workers prefer to work from home or through a hybrid setup. This convinced business owners to go fully remote or adapt to a hybrid work environment. Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit are some companies that switched to this kind of work environment and are reaping the rewards along the way.

Remote Work Benefits

Reduced Business Expenses

Growing businesses that hire remote and hybrid remote workers now save on on-site business costs since they don’t have to pay for office space costs or related expenses, such as:

Global Workplace Analytics estimates around $11,000 annual costs saved by an employer for every halftime remote worker. This is a huge reduction in business expenses, especially if your business has a lot of people working remotely.

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More Diverse Workers

Going remote means you don’t have to worry about employing people nearby. It opens up the possibility of getting a team of skilled and diverse remote workers from all over the world. As long as they can do the job properly, they can work anywhere. It’s also necessary to have a stable Internet connection so that you can use your company’s chosen collaboration and communication tools

Embracing diverse workers can be advantageous to your team as well. It can bring about innovation and better creativity in your team. You can even come up with better decisions when incorporating various viewpoints coming from team members, who may also be experienced in their work.

Increased Productivity

Hiring virtual assistants can increase work productivity in your workplace. This is because you can now find the best productivity system for your business and fine-tune it to make it more efficient for your business and your remote workers.

remote worker in a coworking space

With the right procedures in place, remote workers are capable of even greater productivity at work than their on-site counterparts. An Airtasker survey found that remote workers have increased productivity and healthier lifestyles. This is because they can enjoy a balanced life and work atmosphere when they can eat with family and still start working on time during work hours.

Properly motivating your remote team encourages a steady pace in their productivity. Plus, some companies that are trying to lower employee absenteeism were able to achieve this when they switched to remote work.

Better Worker Retention

One of the advantages of remote working is the ability to have better worker retention. As much as 42% of American employees are willing to accept pay cuts in exchange for the flexibility that remote work affords them.

Remote work statistics also underline employee preference to work from home rather than go back to their offices. This includes their willingness to remain working in the company as long as they remain as remote workers – or hybrid at the very least.  

Due to remote workers’ preferences and the increasing benefits of remote work for both employees and employers, remote work is here to stay. By 2025, around 70% of remote workers will be working from their homes a minimum of five days per month. So, you can have low employee turnover and better employee retention when you switch to remote or hybrid work.

Healthier Workforce

A remote team can set a better balance between work and life compared to one at the office. Their work schedule clarifies the times they have to work and leaves the rest of the time for their private lives. It has the added benefit of d letting them spend breaks with their family.


Additionally, remote workers find better flexibility in a work-from-home setup. They can eat healthy lunches at their homes compared to quick and convenient packed lunches in the office. Plus, commuting and the stress that goes with it is eliminated. In its place is the convenience of being able to do house chores before they start their work for the day. They can even wake up later since they don’t have to travel to work, resulting in better mental health and more content remote workers. 

Lastly, healthy remote workers are happier and are better inclined to focus at work during work hours. This results in less employee absenteeism, more motivation to start their day right, and more productivity at work.

Remote Tasks You Can Delegate to Magic Assistants

Magic aims to be the go-to provider of any client’s remote workforce. We have also embraced going fully remote to be able to hire diverse assistants. Plus, it also allows us to fully understand the business processes of fully remote work – and help our clients transition into this work environment more smoothly. 

Your VA can manage various tasks including business tasks, clerical tasks, and general VA tasks to make things more efficient for your business. 

Hire a Magic assistant to manage your daily business tasks and enjoy various remote work benefits. All it takes is for your to make that initial call to discuss your administrative assistant requirements so we can scout and screen applicants for you. You can expect a shortlist of candidates within 72 hours of the initial call. Hire a Virtual Assistant today!

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