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Project Manager Roles That Magic Assistants Can Do For Startups

Project Manager Roles That Magic Assistants Can Do For Startups

Magic Project Manager

Project management is a vital business function that helps startups or small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) get results that affect the success of your business. It involves studying and applying different methods and processes to attain specific project objectives.

A good project management process,—with a good project manager⁠— can ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Here’s how having the right people in the right project manager roles produces better results.

What is a project manager?

Project managers organize, plan, and execute projects while ensuring that these are within the allocated budget and schedules.

Among other project manager roles and responsibilities, you can expect a project manager to facilitate a marketing campaign, develop a computer system, launch a new product, etc. Whether it fails or succeeds, your project manager is accountable for the end results.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a project manager?

Project Manager Duties & Responsibilities

A project manager deals with people across departments, stakeholders, and even clients. In line with this, getting the services of a virtual assistant who can perform the job of a project manager is a great advantage for you, especially if your company is planning to go remote.

A project manager’s duties and responsibilities include:

1. Project Planning and Development

Project managers are generally in charge of planning a project’s steps and details based on its objectives. This can mean coordinating with internal stakeholders and clients, especially when defining the concept and the process to accomplish it. They ensure that the plan is aligned with your business goals and strategies. They also set project schedules and secure any resources needed.

2. Dream Team Management

Your project manager needs resources such as people, tools, and funds to accomplish the project tasks. Assembling team members who have the right skills and experience ensures that the project gets done successfully. After forming the project team, your project manager delegates tasks with deadlines. Your manager will ensure that the team gets the support they need to get the job done without delays. You can expect scheduled meetings so you can be updated on progress and help if there are roadblocks that need to be solved.

3. Time Management

A project manager ensures that the phases of the projects are completed within the set time frame. Communication plays a vital role in ensuring that team members understand their tasks and the time frame for completion. This way, they can make proper changes as soon as problems or issues are discovered. A great project manager will let the team members understand what and when they’re supposed to do things.  For accurate and well-timed project phases, your project manager can develop a realistic schedule for each project by coordinating with you and your client. Past experiences as a project manager also contribute to being able to give a realistic schedule.

4. Problem Solving

Your project manager will be the first person that the team members and clients will contact when problems arise. A capable and experienced manager will anticipate potential issues and provide intervention as soon as they are discovered. Collaborating with the team members on a regular basis can help you know how things are proceeding and should help you anticipate possible problems along the way. Set a time that is convenient for all members considering that your team may be working in different places and time zones.  Being adaptable and having a knack for problem-solving will make sure that things run smoothly.

Another way to anticipate and mitigate problems is scope creep. Scope creep is one unexpected problem that can arise in any project. DIA’s scope creep was a failure that taught the business how important it is to have proper remote communication.

5. Budget Management

Managing the budget allocated for a project is a core duty for your project manager. They ensure that your project gets completed on time within the budget set for it. Thus, your project manager must employ cost efficiency when setting costs. Set a realistic budget to avoid having to add to the original budget. Lastly, your project manager must be transparent about the costs, especially to clients. As early as the consultation stage or initial meeting, let your clients know how much they’ll have to shell out for each project.

6. Ensure Client Satisfaction

Your project manager works closely with clients until the project is completed. So, your manager must keep open communication with them for timely updates and feedback. All in all, your project manager must ensure that your clients are satisfied.

7. Project Performance Evaluation

After completing a project, your project manager must evaluate it to determine if it met the project specifications such as budget compliance and satisfactory results. See what parts went right and wrong. Get feedback from customers and clients to find out how you can improve it and determine how to deliver better services in the future. In a way, it becomes a benchmark for future projects.

What are specific project manager roles that Magic assistants can provide?

Magic Assistant

Depending on your business goals, you can choose from any of these three project manager roles and hire the most suitable Magic Assistant for your project. If you hire virtual assistants to fill these roles, you can still expect projects to be done well, on time, and efficiently.

General Project Manager

A general project manager plays a leading role in planning, implementing, monitoring, controlling, and completing projects. You can expect your project manager to be accountable for the whole project scope, team, resources, and success or failure of the project.

The responsibilities of a general project manager are discussed in more detail in the next section. Like the other two project manager roles below, you can expect this manager to work with other department managers to ensure that every aspect of the project keeps on track.

Sales Project Manager

A sales project manager is responsible for creating, leading, and managing the sales team of a project. Similar to a sales manager, their ultimate goal is to increase the sales of your products or services covered in the project. While the sales manager is concerned with the sales of the business as a whole, a sales project manager is focused on the sales made on the project he/she is designated to manage. Other duties include:

  • managing team members and quotas
  • setting and meeting sales goals
  • creating a sales plan
  • proactively experimenting for better execution of the plan

Digital Marketing Project Manager

A digital marketing project manager is in charge of business growth by hitting the target ROI from each project. This project manager takes charge of the digital and technological aspects of the project assigned to them. As such, you can expect them to have strong knowledge of the technologies available and determine the most suitable project manager tools and applications to use for your clients and projects. This project manager is focused on the digital marketing of the project and not the whole company, which is what concerns the digital marketing manager.

Your digital marketing project manager should be able to understand what clients want and how best to achieve them. Other duties include:

  • planning how to achieve the objectives of digital projects
  • tracking the progress of each project
  • reviewing and measuring results to see if they hit metrics
  • clearing roadblocks
  • Assessing and evaluating the success or failure of each project

By hiring Magic assistants who can take up these project manager roles, startups and SME owners can get the most suitable VAs to help you reach target goals and business success.

Wondering how to transition to remote working? Check out how Magic can help you.

How to hire a Magic project manager?

Employing a project manager ensures that your projects get done, properly handled, and hit the target results you’ve set. With the right project management services, you complete projects within the deadline and still ensure that you produce top-quality outcomes. Ultimately, you can grow your business faster while ensuring that your stakeholders and clients stay happy with each completed project. Check out how to hire a Magic VA to fill the project manager roles your business needs. For inquiries or a consultation, call Magic today!

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