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Startups and SMEs: How A Virtual Sales Assistant Help Improve Your ROI

Startups and SMEs: How A Virtual Sales Assistant Help Improve Your ROI

Small Business Owners

Managing a startup or small/medium-sized enterprise (SME) requires assuming many duties. You’re expected to make decisions, think of ways to grow your business, and keep a proper budget. Thinking of strategies to earn and improve your return on investment (ROI) on top of all this can be overwhelming. It’s for situations like these that a virtual sales assistant can help lighten your workload and increase your ROI.

Let’s discover how startup/SME owners like you can take advantage of hiring a remote sales assistant to grow your business and increase ROI while letting your virtual assistant (VA) take care of simple, recurring tasks for you.

What is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

A virtual sales assistant is a sales professional who works remotely to cultivate customer relationships, monitor stocks, assist with b2b lead generation, and ensure smooth transactions, among other things.

What tasks can startups and SMEs outsource to a sales assistant to improve ROI?

Magic Sales Assistant

Engaging the services of a remote sales assistant can help you optimize your sales processes for growth and revenue. Your VA can help you keep track of your sales progress in order to understand it and evaluate areas that can be added or removed to improve that process or its results. For example, learning the check-out process and recommending credit cards as a payment option instead of just cash on delivery (COD) or PayPal.

Here are sales tasks that you can delegate to your VA to boost your ROI.

1. Complete Sales Activities

An amiable virtual sales assistant can establish rapport with potential customers and boost the chances of closing deals. Engaging repeat customers in a positive manner can also keep them loyal to your company or brand. In the end, the more clients you have, the more sales you make, resulting in upsells and increased ROI.

Aside from these, your VA can handle the following tasks on your behalf:

  • conduct directories to look for lead qualification
  • start generating leads
  • make cold calls, keep your databases updated
  • do follow-up calls to prospective customers, and
  • handle customer relationship management (CRM)

2. Set Pricing Plans

Pricing plans and offers influence purchasing decisions, especially when you upsell products. Startups and SMEs often walk a tightrope when it comes to offering discounts or rebates and ensuring sufficient revenue.

A virtual sales assistant can be tasked to research and analyze your pricing options to help you make more informed decisions. They can also create social media posts to promote any new prices or offers you decide on.

3. Create Sales Strategies and Goals

An experienced virtual sales assistant can help you come up with competitive sales plans. In addition to researching potential markets for your products and services, your VA can also research upselling techniques, track metrics, and analyze the performance of your existing strategies.

4. Track Sales Metrics

Understanding sales metrics and acting on them can help your business grow. Many VAs are adept at using digital tools to track sales metrics and provide insights based on these. Having a virtual sales assistant track your metrics and watch for increases or drop-offs can help you determine what works and what doesn’t. Constant monitoring and evaluation of your sales can lead to better conversion rates. As a result, you can achieve your sales goals better and reach target ROI.

5. Communicate with Customers

Persuading an old customer to return to your brand is usually easier than closing a deal with a new prospect. A sales assistant can help foster rapport with customers and encourage repeat purchases and loyalty to your brand.

Have your VA learn your market, discover prospective platforms to join, and initiate conversations and calls to promote your company including your offers, products, and services.

What roles can you delegate to a virtual sales assistant?

A business owner chatting with a Magic Assistant

Virtual assistants used to do just one role – executive assistants. However, the rise in the demand for specialized tasks or skills paved the way for other roles that a virtual assistant can do.

In addition to administrative tasks, VAs can perform the following roles:

  • General Virtual Assistant

    This is the most widely recognized VA role. VAs of this sort perform email and calendar management as well as administrative and clerical tasks. For most startups and SMEs, the VA also takes care of business email communications, basic social media posting, and minor graphic design and editing tasks. Lastly, they can handle basic bookkeeping, such as invoicing and tracking receipts, bills, or payments.

  • Virtual Customer Support Assistant

    This sales assistant can focus on fostering positive customer relationships with your target clients. A VA adept at voice and non-voice tasks can improve sales through cold calls, chat and email support, and escalation management for priority orders or regular customers. These are done to foster goodwill and encourage customer loyalty.

  • Social Media and Marketing (SMM) Assistant

    An SMM virtual assistant primarily concentrates on building your presence online. They must be geared towards creating great content and engaging graphics to encourage community engagement and regular visits to your website and social media accounts.
    To help increase your ROI, get your VA to do plan and create campaigns and monitor them regularly. This way, you can evaluate successful campaigns and make changes to those underperforming. They can also provide lead generation services. With a trusted SMM assistant working for you, you can find ways to boost your sales and revenues.

  • Bookkeeping Assistant

    A virtual bookkeeping assistant can help with data entry and bank reconciliation. They can also prepare monthly and financial reports, end-of-financial year reports, payroll, and tax returns and filing. A bookkeeping VA can help you keep updated financial records so you can have them any time you need them to evaluate your business finances.

What tools does a Magic Sales Assistant use?

Magic sales assistants promote efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the following tools and platforms.

  • Sales Navigator: LinkedIn’s social selling platform gives access to search and filter features that maximize getting the right prospects for your business to build trusted relationships on. This way, Magic can provide prime lead generation services to your startup and SME.
  • ZoomInfo: Like Sales Navigator, Magic uses this platform to find new leads for your business. It works wonders in producing results in helping your company discover and understand your ideal customers and focus on targeting companies who actually visit your website.
  • Slack: This is one of the best integration tools today and is used to centralize account management. Magic integrates you and your team by giving you access to Slack so you can coordinate your tasks with a member or several members. It also allows you to monitor the account usage of each team member whenever you want to check.
  • Assistant Time: Magic utilizes this tool of advanced algorithms to accurately track your VAs time while working on your assigned tasks. It tracks by the minute worked and has options to show tracked time plus billed and not billed times. A report of hours spent by your VA will be sent to your email once a week to keep you informed.
  • Custom Billing: Magic personalizes billing procedures based on your needs. It can incorporate taxes, internal reporting, and other features that your business would require to be efficient in your billing.

How do I hire a Virtual Sales Assistant?

Here’s how to hire a virtual sales assistant at Magic:

  • Hop on a call with Magic to discuss your needs and requirements. After which, you can expect to receive a list of candidates to choose from.
  • Schedule an appointment for an introductory interview with both of you so you can ask questions and get to know your candidates better.
  • Onboard your assistant once you’ve decided on a VA to hire.

In line with Magic’s goals, you can expect a match-up within 72 hours after your initial call. So, if you’re looking to boost your ROI, hire a Virtual Sales Assistant today.

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