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How Magic Can Help with Remote Work

How Magic Can Help with Remote Work

COVID-19 has forced many businesses and organizations to make the switch to remote work or to consider a remote contingency plan. This is a hard transition, especially if your team isn’t used to remote work.

Fortunately, you can use Magic as your “secret weapon” for going remote. Magic instantly gives you a remote team of employees anytime you need it. Using Magic is cheaper than hiring staff, scales up and down instantly, and will start working for you right away.

Your goal should be to have a better, leaner, and more effective remote company during potentially difficult times, and Magic can help.

Here are a few ways companies are using Magic right now while transitioning to remote work:

Generate more leads

Have Magic build out a list of leads by manually searching public directories such as LinkedIn and AngelList, checking the information to make sure it’s still accurate, then adding all valid leads into a spreadsheet.

Example of a spreadsheet with leads created by Magic.

Tell Magic exactly what you’re looking for. When you place a task request with Magic, you’re directly messaging a shared team of remote employees. Just tell them what to do, like you would an employee on your team.

For example, if your company is a SaaS startup and you want to reach out to other startup CEOs, you can message Magic:

Build a spreadsheet with the CEOs of every startup that raised a series A in the last 5 years.

Be specific about the columns you need on the sheet:

Include: name, company name, company website, founder email, founder Twitter account, founder LinkedIn account, contact email of company, size of company. Make sure the company is still alive.

Everything is 100% customizable with Magic. For example, if you’re using Salesforce and you want Magic to log in and work inside of Salesforce, message Magic and let them know. If you want Magic to change its approach in how its working, message Magic and let them know.

Recruit engineers

Transitioning to a remote workforce will definitely change your recruiting pipeline — and likely for the better. Being remote, you have access to a much larger pool of talent from around the world. 

Magic will help you get this pipeline started and then keep it running automatically, 24/7.

Building an inbound funnel

First, have Magic build an inbound funnel for you by regularly posting and updating job ads in a variety of places.

Ask Magic to look for a variety of relevant places to post your job ad. For example, you can text Magic:

Need to hire a front end engineer. Want you to post our job ad to at least 10 different sites. Not just Indeed and Craigslist — also look for FB groups, Slack channels, subreddits, and other places engineers and web / app designers meet.

After the first round of posts, ask Magic to post regularly on a set schedule.

Post to each of the job sites once a week

You can also ask Magic to report all relevant metrics weekly, giving you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on.

Every friday, give me these weekly metrics: how many hours you’ve spent, cost of posting on job sites, and number of clicks all postings have received.

Reaching out to cold leads

You’ll also want to reach out to potential hires who aren’t currently looking for a new job. Even if they are happily employed, it’s still a good idea to talk to these people — they can either refer you to a colleague who is looking for work or you can try to poach them from their existing company.

Tell Magic to build a spreadsheet and fill it with the type of candidates you’re looking for:

Search Linkedin for software engineers specializing in AI, machine learning, or data science currently working at FAANG. Add their Name, Current Company, Job title, LinkedIn, Years of experience, Highest degree (Masters, PHD, etc.), and Country of citizenship to a spreadsheet.

You can email or send a LinkedIn message to these people yourself or you can automate the process and have Magic do it. Magic is totally flexible. Like with any remote employee, you just need to be clear to Magic what you want and how you want it done.

More info on COVID-19 Remote Assistance.

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