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Why Hire a Magic Digital Marketing Specialist for SMEs and Startups

Why Hire a Magic Digital Marketing Specialist for SMEs and Startups

Magic Digital Marketing Specialist

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and startups need to use effective brand awareness campaigns to make their presence known online. With a  digital marketing specialist to help you create and manage your online marketing efforts, you can easily delegate marketing tasks that will allow your VA to reach the results you want to attain.

This blog is about the benefits a business owner can get when hiring a  virtual marketing assistant to handle online marketing campaigns for their business.

What is a digital marketing specialist?

A digital marketing specialist specializes in online promotion methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, display media, and shopping feeds. In practice, this means there are different kinds of digital marketing experts⁠—like SEO specialists, SEM specialists, and those focused on other types of ads⁠—working in different niches.

An SEO specialist focuses on an organic search strategy, which produces results in the long run by using keyword research, content writing, and page optimization. A local SEO specialist focuses on getting organic traffic for a specific location, where a company offers products and services.

An SEM specialist, meanwhile, can produce quicker results using PPC marketing, with the tradeoff of higher costs paid upfront.

An ad specialist, meanwhile, focuses on transforming ideas into ad campaigns. So, they specialize in ad channels like tv, digital, print, and radio.

A digital marketing specialist is generally concerned with increasing brand awareness and promoting company products or services online. Plus, they aim to drive prospective customers to conversions by way of content or email marketing. They translate business goals to be achieved through campaigns including successful email campaigns. This results in building the online presence of a startup or SME.

The digital marketing specialist is responsible for using the right brand awareness strategy to market products and services online. They create email campaigns and online promotions to bring company messages to target customers. Moreover, the virtual marketing assistant researches to determine ways and platforms through which to best reach customers online.

Creating an effective marketing campaign to establish your company online requires time, patience, and digital marketing know-how. To hit target marketing business goals, hiring a digital marketing specialist is smarter than trying your newbie or busy hands at juggling marketing and expanding your business goals.

Five Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

Five Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist can produce appealing, well-thought-out campaigns for your business. Here are five benefits that you can get when you decide to hire a marketing specialist:

1. Bring more customers and help expand the business

The Covid-19 pandemic taught business owners the need to bring their businesses online. Startups and SMEs benefit from having their own website, optimizing their landing pages, having ads, and sending newsletters to acquire subscribers, who are also your target audience and customers.

A virtual marketing assistant can set up your ad campaigns that target your niche, so that the right people visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, or return regularly to read your blogs⁠—or make a purchase.

2. Hiring a marketing expert saves on time and money

Hiring a digital marketing specialist lets you cut down on costs such as office equipment and supplies and office space rent.

On top of these, hiring a VA frees up time you would have otherwise spent doing the marketing yourself. And if you’re a newbie at marketing or tied up in meetings or other tasks, your hired marketing assistant would be more efficient and can complete marketing campaigns faster.

Compared to trying to learn the ropes of digital marketing, outsourcing to a marketing VA can help you get digital marketing campaigns suited to your customers. Suitable campaigns eliminate time and cost wastage since you’re showing your campaigns directly to those who are really interested to get them – your prospective customers.

Hiring a digital marketing specialist is an excellent idea since they would have better knowledge of what applications and tools you should use to create campaigns. Plus, they can create your marketing content to help and provide value to your target customers.   They can also employ best practices to make sure that your campaigns use up-to-date marketing techniques. In the end, you save more time and money while ensuring your marketing goals are achieved.

3. SMM is complex⁠—it needs a specialist

Marketing, especially social media marketing (SMM), is always evolving.  It’s competitive and complex. First, SMM is difficult because you must know and understand your customers. Second, whatever content or message you show in your SMM, you’re accountable. Third, it has to show who your company is but it’s also got to be fun to appeal to your customers. So, if you’re new to marketing or have no time to handle it yourself, this job is best left to a digital marketing specialist. In retrospect, SMM is more challenging now than before. In fact, the 500 ads per day in the 1970s became as many as 5000 ads a day today. With so many ads available, yours need to stand out.

An experienced virtual marketing assistant can help you create content and promote it to the right audience. They have the right social and analytical skills to identify and target the market. Plus, they can research to better understand your customers and determine their needs. This way, your marketing campaigns are made more appealing to your customers. Lastly, they can discover the social media channels where your prospective customers are for a more effective campaign reach.

4. Marketing is a full-time gig

While a business owner certainly could handle marketing themself, it can be tough to balance with all the other things they’d need to attend to. Since marketing is a full-time gig, this role is best assigned to a virtual marketing assistant. This way, you can set marketing goals and your marketing VA can use their skills and expertise to meet them.

5. Hiring a VA gives you access to resources you may not have

Startups’ and SMEs’ budgets and resources can be limited. A digital marketing specialist can help you make the most of them by advising you on specific tools and programs you can use for effective marketing. You skip the potentially costly process of trial and error.

Here are some resources that your virtual marketing assistant can help you decide on based on their work experience:

  • Automation tools
  • Content research tools
  • Plagiarism and grammar detection checkers
  • Web development tools or plug-ins
  • Competitor analysis and trackers
  • SEO optimizers

Depending on your budget, your VA can give sound advice on paid and free tools, plugins, and applications to use.

Magic Digital Marketing Specialist Services

Magic Digital Marketing Specialist Services

Magic aims to be the go-to virtual marketing assistant provider. To give better services to startup and SME owners, our VAs are trained to:

  • Create a Google Analytics account
  • Add your website to the Google search console
  • Create successful email marketing campaigns

Also, you can get a digital marketing specialist to handle these three aspects of business campaigns for you.


  • A brand ads campaign presents your company’s message and story to your target audience to build brand awareness and improve the brand equity of your customers. It requires knowing your prospective customers, discovering their favorite platforms, and creating effective campaigns to introduce and inform them of your brand personality. To track your ads, use ad trackers such as URL trackers, cookies, tracking pixels, and browser fingerprinting. This way, you can discover if your ads meet your metrics successfully or not.


  • With increased emphasis on mobile searches, branding, and performance are intersecting. Your digital marketing specialist helps you get a balance between short-term sales and long-term brand growth.  Sales performance is tracked using a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as quota attainment, win rate, sales cycle length, and pipeline coverage. In contrast, brand growth requires a company to build customer trust by combining brand and performance marketing to activate customers to buy from your company.


  • Marketing campaigns are created to appeal to your target customers. They are also made to suit the SMM standards of the platform they’ll be shared on. To cite an example, check out Facebook marketing and how it can benefit your business.  Plus, our marketing specialists are adept at using social media management tools like Meltwater and Hootsuite for enhanced work efficiency. Check out some of the integration tools we use for businesses and choose the one that works best for you.

Your VAs can establish effective marketing campaigns better and incorporate long-term goals into short-term ones if you hire a digital marketing specialist to handle them for you. Looking to Magic VA services to get started today? Check out our guide on how to hire a Magic virtual assistant.

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