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What is Copywriting? (Fundamentals for Small Businesses)

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
June 11, 2022

Small business owners can establish their brand image and cultivate good relationships with their customers through effective copywriting. So, what is copywriting? Copywriting covers the many ways text can be used to your business’ advantage. Usually, this means persuading people to move further down your sales funnel.

Copywriting for small businesses can build awareness and understanding of your brand and company offers. Plus, you can become an authority in your industry when you create informative and helpful copywriting for your customers.

Work hard to create effective business copywriting so you can feature marketing or promotional content that benefits your customers. The more you help them, the more they come back to you – bringing in sales and business growth.

Copywriting Examples

Promotional materials may be published online or in print. The text used in these materials is called “copy”, hence the term “copywriting”.

There are many examples of copywriting in your mailbox and online. Here are some examples that you can see almost anywhere:

  • Catalogs
  • Promotions for local businesses such as restaurants or fast-food chains
  • Fundraising letters of non-governmental organizations or charities
  • Sales letters for product and service promotions
  • Free reports or templates given in sign-ups
  • Emails received after sign-ups

Why is copywriting important to a growing business?

Good copywriting helps you engage your target audience and build product or service awareness for your business. Here are four things that show the importance of copywriting.

1. Effective copywriting establish a brand image

Brand image is how a customer views a certain product or service of a company. Copywriting creates the impression that your company wants to build. It’s to explain a new product or service so your audience knows how they can use it. Or inform prospective readers about your new business. It can also be to establish a good reputation for your business. 

Your brand image can be built through copy that uses your own brand voice. Consistent use of your brand voice in all your content marketing materials encourages your customers to recognize your branding. Here are some things you can find in a brand voice

  • A good representative sample of ideal content
  • Your brand voice in three theme categories
  • Your brand voice chart
  • How your writers use your brand voice
  • Your brand voice as your company expands
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2. Copywriting produces value-driven content

Good content provides helpful information for your viewers. It’s also backed by statistics and sources to prove that the data used are real and updated. It’s true that a business creates copywriting for promotional purposes. However, the primary purpose is still to provide valuable learning to your audience. 

See how the following blog writing brings valuable content that can help their target audience: 

Valuable content includes accurate information and the benefits that your product or service can provide to your target audience. It explains why they should choose to buy your product or service instead of the ones offered by your competitors.

3. Copywriting creates a balance between relatability and information

Good copywriting informs your audience about your product or service and what benefits they can expect from it. It doesn’t leave them guessing what and how they can use your product or service. In addition, it’s intended for a specific audience, so it’s tailored to what appeals to them. In the end, your prospects learn about your product or service in a way that affects their emotions. It results in a willingness to act on the call to action.

Apple is a great example of a company that creates content that’s relatable to its target customers and their emotions. Apple uses storytelling to make bold statements in its ads. Their bold statements quickly grab the attention of their target audience, resulting in a curiosity that pushes them to click on their CTA.

copywriter creating an article

4. Copywriting provides unique company insight to its audience and nurtures customer relationships

Copywriting aims to communicate with a company’s target audience. Your content is created to tell your prospects about your company and the offers you have for them. Newsletters and blogs are published regularly to slowly establish a relationship with your audience. This way, when they need your product or service, they know your company and will choose you, especially if you’ve earned their trust.

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