Announcing the new Magic Affiliate Program (with recurring income)! - Magic Personal Assistant App

Announcing the new Magic Affiliate Program (with recurring income)!

Announcing the new Magic Affiliate Program (with recurring income)!

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We’ve got a very exciting announcement today. We’re launching a new Magic affiliate program. Get paid in cash and refer people to a great product. How much you can earn will surprise you.

Earn $10 CPA per sign up or 20% rev-share!

Two great options to earn extra passive income. You decide what works best for you. When a customer signs up through your referral link, either get paid $10 immediately or get 20% of all the revenue they bring in for their first 6 months. Choose CPA if you want quick payouts. Choose rev-share if you want a higher recurring passive income.

How much will I earn exactly?

If you choose the $10 CPA, it’s simple. You get paid $10 whenever a customer signs up for Magic.

If you choose the rev-share option, Magic pays out  20% of all the revenue we earn for any new customer you send our way for the next 6 months.

How much can I make?

Our most active customers use Magic as a part time or full time employee. With revshare, that means a single customer could earn you thousands of dollars a month.

Refer just 1 customer a month who uses Magic as a part-time employee (25 hours a week), and you’ll quickly earn over $15,000 after just 6 months.

Get paid often

We payout every single month with a $200 minimum payout. If you don’t earn enough for the minimum in a given month, your commissions will roll over to the next month. 

If you decide to be paid 20% rev-share, you will get paid every month for a total of 6 months of the customer’s spend on Magic.  

Why are you launching this now?

We launched in 2015 and never considered an affiliate program before. This changed after seeing the results of COVID-19. Unemployment in the United States is at an all-time high. Many people are completely out of work, especially in the hospitality and travel industries, and many others are looking for a second source of income.

We realized that by launching an affiliate program, we could create a win-win situation. We would be able to spread the word about Magic, while at the same time giving people a source of income.

What is Magic?

Magic is a 24/7 on-demand remote workforce. Customers use Magic as a personal assistant for task requests such as coordinating deliveries, online research, hiring contractors, making phone calls, and booking and canceling travel.

Businesses and entrepreneurs use Magic to outsource repetitive tasks, such as finding and contacting sales leads or responding to support tickets. 

Magic was founded in 2015 and is backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital. Learn more about our product here.

How to get started

Sign up below. We’ll email you a unique affiliate link you can use to start promoting Magic.


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Magic Team

Magic upgrades your life with a 24/7 personal assistant. If you have a business, Magic gives you an on-demand remote workforce whenever you need it. Try Magic now!

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